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Juhani Ananin: The Toppest Hat (riipus sitriinillä)
Juhani Ananin: The Toppest Hat (riipus sitriinillä)
269,00 €

"...the sheer amount of different hats. All shapes, sizes and colors were on display in rows upon rows of shelves lit up by candlelight. The proprietor of the establishment leaned over the counter with a mysterious smile in his face. "Not all hats need to be or have been worn on the head, my boy." To answer the quizzical looks that followed he replied: "Let me tell you, my most esteemed customer, about the Free Hatters..."


Tummennettu, Ag 925 hopea

Sitriini (keltainen, pyörtöhiottu)

Ketju: pituus säädettävissä 60 ja 65 cm, paksuus 3 mm

Riipuksen koko: 2 x 2 x 1,5 cm

Paino: 25 g

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